Knox Presbyterian Church

After a two year building project, Knox was ready to move into their new sanctuary.Working with the Outreach and Membership Committee the church identified a new direction of being invitational and welcoming. A new brand identity was designed and implementation. It comprised  of signage, programs, banners, leaflets, booklets adverts, sermon visuals and a variety of communications and marketing materials.

Come Alive Sermon series

I am part of the worship planning team, a team consisting of our senior co-pastor, the music director, audio visual specialist, youth ministry director and a graphic designer. As a team we are involved in the conceptualizing,  planning and execution of sermons, sermon series and congregational studies. Visual, video, and audio elements are produces from a variety of sources.
Isaiah 11:1 There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse,and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.

This became our inspiration and theme for the Lenten study. The "Come Alive" tree or Living Wood became the graphic that was used  on all our communications and sermon material. The "tree" develops from dirt  to a cross, to a new shoot ,to a flowering or fruit bearing tree. This was shown at the end of our Easter service.
Serving from the Heart was a congregation wide Fall Bible study. This is a graphic I created, used on banners, programs and AV material.
The Indian Prairie Great Banquet is hosted by Knox. It is a spiritual retreat.
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